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I recently had Jackie organize my Master Bathroom cabinets and linen closet. Within just a handful of hours, she was able to transform chaos and disarray into what I’m calling right now ‘magical bliss‘. Given how ‘obsessive compulsive’ I can be about keeping things in order, Jackie helped set up a great system for us to maintain with giving us easy access to everything we had accumulated over time. I’m so thrilled with what she did for me and I can’t wait to have her tackle other parts of my home. What a stress-reliever indeed to have an organized space! - DK 

Jackie came over to help me tackle ‘Phase 2’ of getting my closet organized as this time it was the infamous hallway closet that was the culprit as with its prime location on the first floor of our house, it gathered lots of random stuff and clutter….and goodness there was no telling what was in there with as deep as those shelves go. But now…I do know what’s in there thanks to Jackie. I can go ‘shopping’ in that hallway closet since my shelves are lined up ever so neatly with my home décor accents, flower vases, candle holders, and of course, a shelf dedicated for my DYI hubby with his tools and hardware! She is a total delight to work with and it’s awesome to have her right here in our community. - DK 

I’m still giddy about having Jackie come to organize my pantry as it was the 3rd project I hired her for and it probably was the most impactful and inexpensive (she’s fast), since I use the pantry everyday multiple times. Definitely worth it and so happy with the results. - DK

Thank you, Jackie! We love how you organized my kitchen! You are great at what you do and it’s wonderful to work with you! - CR 

It is much easier to keep it up the way it is now (organized) than to mess it up because everything has its place. I feel you really listened to my needs. I can breathe again. - AS 

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